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Step-by-step guide on how to apply the Kaizen approach to your every day life, business or career, relationships and more. A Little Better Every Day - Digital Products


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All of us have things we want to change about ourselves.

All of us have goals and aspirations, and perfect versions of ourselves that we imagine.

We all want to have better abs, better teeth, more confidence, relationships or more money and a better life.

And every now and then, we get sick of just “wanting” those things and we contemplate doing something about it.

Let's say that normally involves beginning a new training program, or it means investing money, or adding more to our bank account.

We make a huge effort to make these changes, but we seldom end up getting the results we want. 

In fact, many people have completely given up on the hope that they can EVER change it.

Why is that?

Normally, it’s because we approach our goals in the completely the wrong way. We are looking for drastic change. We want to see immediate results.

But that’s not how improvement really works.

Enter the Kaizen Way…

In Japan, there is a concept known as “kaizen.” It comes from the world of manufacturing, and it basically describes “gradual improvement.”

What is meant by that, is the process of making small, incremental changes, which can add up to HUGE benefits.

In the case of trying to get into shape, you might previously have attempted to start a workout program where you’d go to the gym and train four hours a week. Perhaps that seemed doable… modest even!

But what you forgot was that you were already tired and short on time. And that in order to get to the gym, you’d have to drive 20 minutes there and back. Then you’d have to shower and change after for 10 minutes.

Then you’d have to pack and get ready for your next workout. So suddenly, your four hours of training becomes 8 hours. That’s an ENTIRE working day.

When you were ALREADY tired.

It’s the same when someone tried to improve their money, their love life, or their finances. And it’s not their fault! The media WANTS us to believe we can change all in one go, because that’s how gym memberships and credit cards get sold to us.

But REAL change takes time. And in order to actually stick to it, you need to introduce that change slowly. And logically.

And that’s precisely what Kaizen is all about.

Thankfully, this step-by-step guide teaches how to apply the Kaizen approach to your every day life, business or career, relationships and more.


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